Providing stability and comfort to military families through the power of a dog

About Our Family

We are a proud Air Force family, originating from Idaho and currently living in Utah. We got our doodle, Cali right before our first deployment. I got Cali as a “project” for deployment with the goal of training her as a therapy dog to help others but she ended up helping our family more than anyone else! Cali knew when we were having a bad day and she would strive to comfort us. When it came time to move, she never had an issue adjusting to new houses, yards, or neighborhoods: she’s GOLDEN! When we moved to Arizona and experienced monsoons for the first time, our daughter was scared of the incredibly loud thunder, although Cali didn’t love the noise herself, she stayed by our daughter’s side until they both fell asleep peacefully. 

Gold is not just the standard, it’s the law!

Our goal is to breed dogs that are ready for anything military life throws at them! Moving can be stressful for the whole family but we believe your dog should not add to that stress – they should help relieve it! Our puppies are trained to handle long car rides, the boxes and confusion that come with moving in and out and they are especially attuned to children and helping them feel comforted in difficult times. Not only do we prepare our puppies to be the rock during your transitions to new homes, we make sure they are accustomed to the sights, sounds and smells of a military installation including aircraft, combat boots, uniformed personnel, and more!

Our puppies are ready to tag along on your move, explore your new town with you and comfort your family during moves, deployment, and life in general. Give your family the gift of a stable, comforting companion from Golden Law Kennels.