Recommended Supplies

Recommended Supplies

Feel free to spoil your puppy with lots of fun things! These are some recommendations for what we use for the basics of puppy supplies. Most of these supplies can be found through Amazon. Hopefully, this will make shopping for supplies a little easier but please feel free to reach out with any questions you have for us!

We recommend Purina Pro Plan – it is a high-quality veterinary recommended dog food that is easily obtainable through pet stores and on Amazon. They also offer a variety of flavors in case your pup is a picky eater and wants a little variety. We feed the “Sport” and/or “Savor” varieties depending on the current needs of our pets.

A good leash and collar are essential – we like Lupine collars which are guaranteed for life even if chewed! They have a lot of fun colors and designs to choose from. We like rolled rope leashes for comfort when handling.

A kennel is a must with a new puppy. A wire frame kennel is great so your puppy can see all the action around him but it can be covered up to create a den when he needs quiet time to nap or relax. These kennels are also easy to clean with their removable trays. A memory foam bath mat makes the perfect (inexpensive) kennel pad. We recommend waiting to add a bed or pad until your puppy is past their “chew everything” phase.

Regular brushing and grooming will be essential to keep your puppy from getting matted. We recommend a good slicker style brush and metal comb to keep those curls and waves looking beautiful!

We recommend stainless steel dog bowls. They can’t be chewed up and they can be thrown in the dishwasher for regular cleaning.

Toys, toys toys!! Your puppy needs a variety of toys to interact with. We love Kong Classic to keep them busy – they can be stuffed with treats and even peanut butter to keep your pup interested. These links are for a few other favorites of ours!