Guardian Homes

What is a Guardian Home?

A guardian home is permanent placement for our breeding dogs. We add dogs to our program in order to add new genetics and continue the genetics we already have established in our program but guardian homes allow each breeding dog to get the individualized attention and training of having their own family.

Breeding dogs come back to us for health testing, breeding, whelping and raising their puppies. In between litters they live full, happy lives with their guardian family and when the contract is up, they live happily ever after with their family.

What are the requirements for Guardian Homes?

You must live within an hour drive of Layton, Utah and be willing to transport the dog to and from our home for play dates, vet visits, photo updates, health testing, breeding and whelping

You must own your own home and the dog must be kept safe and contained at all times in a fenced yard

Take the vet to our vet for any veterinary care. Golden Law Kennels pays for all breeding related expenses but routine and all other veterinary care is the responsibility of the Guardian Family

You must provide basic training for the dog just as you would any pet – potty training, kennel training, socialization and basic obedience

Feed the dog the food that we specify

Keep the dog free of mats and tangles and have them groomed professionally every 6-8 weeks

No plans to relocate outside of the area during the duration of the contract (around 5 years)

Understand that you are receiving a pick of the litter, top quality breeding dog at a greatly reduced rate in exchange for the service you are providing. You must be reliable, willing to communicate, cooperative and understanding that all decisions we make are in the dog’s best interest.

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